AJ Ganik

Vice President, Strategy and Analytics

AJ specializes in using data analytics to drive and develop communications strategies. AJ started with Compass Strategies as an entry-level field and data analytics professional. He left Compass Strategies for a national firm in Washington DC where he went on to provide data analytics for Heads of States on six continents and other corporate clients around the world.

Two of the more notable successful campaigns abroad were in Ecuador and Japan. In 2016, AJ served as Hilary Clinton’s Deputy State Director for Data and Analytics in Michigan.

AJ has also worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Ford, Dell, Coca Cola, and McDonalds using polling to inform communications strategies.

AJ holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Colgate University with a minor in Media Studies. Today, AJ brings over five years of international communications experience back to Compass Strategies and its clients.